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It’s been a while since I’ve added a post on this blog. I was planning to write a big summer report on attending LODLAM, ALA in Chicago, Rare Cataloging at Rare Book School, RDA NACO training (no link provided b/c the LoC site is down!), and other exciting cataloging related things I’ve been up to since June. But then the #shutdown happened on Tuesday, Oct. 1 2013 at midnight.

At first I could’t catalog effectively. No Authorities,, MARC Bibliographic, or Library of Congress OPAC!

LoC shutdown

But thankfully the RDAToolkit, Catalogers Desktop, and ClassWeb are still up and running. With my normal cataloging toolbox limited, I thought I would turn to the other half of my work and edit some metadata. Then today I tried to validate my MADS XML records only to discover that the LoC hosted XML schemas were down too!

Schema shutdown

It’s amazing how the repercussions of this government shutdown can trickle down to the everyday librarian. Until this all gets sorted out, I suppose I’ll catch up on my blog post writing.

Hello world!

This is a personal blog by a young academic library cataloger in the Green Mountain state. After four years of living in Brooklyn, my wife and I packed up and headed north for our great adventure.

Why would I ever leave Brooklyn for Vermont? In Brooklyn I was a free-lance metadata consultant working for an open-source software firm and I was teaching two cataloging classes at one of the three library schools in NYC. Life was good, but I wanted more. Afterall, I had my MLIS – so I wanted to actually work in a library! I wanted more experience so someday I can be a better teacher. When my wife showed me the post for a catalog/metadata librarian position in Vermont I jumped at the opportunity to apply…and the rest is history.

Since starting my job three months ago, I’ve learned some very valuable lessons that they definitely did not teach in library school:

  • ILS systems are not relational databases
  • Local practices are a pain but very useful
  • Not everything is done according to standards
  • Supervise paraprofessionals 30-40 years your senior (more on that next week!)

So I started this blog to have an outlet. I will try to post every week on various topics that deal with cataloging. Stay tuned!